Fornuftige Fiduser

En arbejdsmanual

Press release: "Publishing house dada-invested presents "Fornuftige Fiduser - en arbejdsmanual", which is a joint project of the series “Elefantsæbe (skal tisse)” between the two artists claus ejner and Anders Visti. The book is about the story of two men - Z and E - who empty a puddle of water with a pipette, and then transport the water through a deserted industrial area in a fluxus-like transport module. The purpose of this sense-laden action is revealed if you buy the book, which also contains a lot of sensible (and educational) tricks that make your work life easier! "

The book is supported by the Municipality of Aarhus. 48 color pages, A5 format.

ISBN: 978-87-91798-02-3
By: claus ejner, Anders Visti.
Publishing House: forlaget dada-invest
Type: Booklet
Published: 2009