Verbale Pupiller


Excerpts from the book's preface: "... The volume here is made up of a variety of text and image formats. Diversity reflects the vitality which reigns among the participating poets, artists and publishers. The catalog is, like the events, a total space of art, literature, criticism and communication. In the following pages you will find presentations of the participating poets, artists and small publishers. The accompanying texts and images are there to help stimulate the discussions during the festival - and give food for thought when the events are over.

Some of the articles have been printed before in other contexts, but are assembled here, with new material, in an attempt to move closer towards a mapping of the field relating to literary and artistic innovation, publishing, culture, alternative publishing, small press and magazines, as well as some inputs for a reading and handling of books and objects ... "

Catalog book includes texts by (in order of appearance) Lars Bukdahl, Charles Bernstein, Thomas Hvid Kromann, Jan Bäcklund, Mikkel Bolt, Lars Kiel Bertelsen og Lasse Krog Møller, Martin Glaz Serup, Stefan Kjerkegaard, Kristine Kabel, Jakob Østergaard Nielsen, Rasmus Graff, Kamilla Löfström, Gitte Broeng, Martin Johs. Møller, Mads Mygind, Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg, Marianne Ping Huang, Henrik Majlund Toft.

360 pages. black / white. paginated.

ISBN: 978-87-993163-3-5
By: Mathias Kokholm, Lasse Krog Møller, Anders Visti (ed.)
Publishing House: Forlaget * [asterisk]
Type: Booklet
Published: 2009