What Makes The Life

- The Inventory Project

By Sonya Schönberger. Text by Alex Freedman.
84 pages in color.

"Inventory is a list for goods and materials, or those goods and materials themselves, held available in stock by a business. It is also used for a list of the contents of a household and for a list for testamentary purposes of the possessions of someone who has died. In accounting inventory is considered an asset." (wikipedia.org)

-How would it be to make an inventory of my life, of everything I own and therefore look further on to what doth the life of me, the active state of living, a female artist, in the beginning of her 30ies, living in a Western society need, to occur fulfilled and proper.


ISBN: 978-87-993163-7-3
By: Sonya Schönberger
Publishing House: Forlaget * [asterisk]
Type: Book
Published: 2010