Installation view. Organon, Odense

Recursive Futures (2019)

Press release: "Transhumanism is a movement that seems to be driven by an unstoppable enthusiasm for life and for what the human species and the surrounding environment can evolve into. Radical life extension or optional death, bio-optimization (body 2.0) and morphological freedom as a human right are not pure philosophical speculations but are rather ideas that permeate our everyday lives and are largely pursued in practice by scientists, futurists, inventors, tech- industries and individual tech entrepreneurs.

We Don’t Say Goodbye discusses some of the notions that live in the stream of this ideology. The collaborative sound and software work Recursive Futures by Anders Visti and Tobias Stenberg combines technological singularities, artificial intelligences and post-planetary architecture in an articulation of techno-centric narratives in an ambient futuristic pop music. With reference to the theoretical idea of ​​the phenomenon of recursivity, the work opens up questions about humanity's ability to learn from past mistakes and to formulate new functional visions for the future."

Ivaquexuta (CAT), Lea Momberg (DK), Anders Visti og Tobias Stenberg (DK), Žarko Aleksić (RS), Kate Sterchi (USA), Sif Hedegård (DK), Heidi Nikolaisen (DK), Tabita Rezaire (GF), Center for Militant Futurologi (DK), Jona Borrut (DK).

Friday, October 18, 2019 18:00 - Friday, November 1, 2019 15:00.
Organon, Odense. Store Glasvej 53 Odense, 5000 Denmark
Poster design: Alexey Layfurov. Photos: Adrian Delafontaine.