SoNA, Society for Non productive Activities

SoNA is an interdisciplinary experiment. It's inspired by the concept of Merzbühne from german artist Kurt Schwitters—a stage where sound, poetry, image, tableau and performance together constitute the work. Schwitters' stage is not a result of a planned choreography or score, but is rather a improvisational space, constantly undergoing transformation.

Core contributors: Lene Noer, Jens Balder, Kim Grønborg and Anders Visti.
Additional contributors: Peter Laugesen, Rasmus Graff, Lars Skinnebach, P.O. Jørgens, Anders Lauge Meldgaard, Rickard Daun, Golshid Rokhzan.

2014: AquaSoNA. Show by performance groups Aquasonic and SoNA. Åbne Scene (Open Stage), Godsbanen, Aarhus.
2012: SoNA, NON-PRODS. Exhibition and concert performances. Spanien19C, Aarhus.
2012: SoNA, NON-PRODS. Concert performances with Rickard Daun (SE) and Golshid Rokhzan (SE/DK). Skånes Kunstförening, Malmö.
2012: SoNA, NON-PRODS. Concert performances. Mayhem, Copenhagen.
2011: SoNA, NON-PRODS. 3 concert performances. Machine-Raum - Biennale for Video Art and Digital Culture, Vejle.
2011: SoNA, NON-PRODS. 3 concert performances. Entré Scenen, Aarhus.